About Us

The Big Stack is India’s first poker university. Among the rising poker fame and wide availability of poker gaming platforms, The Big Stack is the pioneer of Poker University in India. We have teamed up with the top-rated players from the Industry with skills, knowledge and experience in the game to teach aspiring, beginners and advance players. Starting from the basic to advance concepts, the course at big stack is designed to make you better than the best.

The Big Stack focuses on easy and fun learning for all. It takes all the necessary measures to ensure 100% concept clarification. We believe, ‘We grow as you grow.’ Maximum understanding of concepts by the students is a priority for The Big Stack. With lessons translated in different languages, we aim to make concept clarification a simple process. So that, browsing through complex international websites and listening to speakers speaking in not so commonly understood language should no longer be a challenge. Our curse is designed and taught by native poker experts.


The Big Stack is the brain-child of Rai Khurana founded in the year 2018 with a vision to serve poker community. With an ever-growing passion and desire for the game, he always dreamt of making poker a recognized game in the Indian boundaries. However, lacked a platform to learn and grow. Finding an opportunity in the situation, he came up with The Big Stack Poker University, providing aspirants and professionals across India a platform to master their poker skills with professional guidance from top players of the industry.

Apart from Poker University, he has also built The Big Stack Poker Apparel which provides the premium collection of apparel best suited for a poker player. The abstract designs and quality fabric ensure a comfortable journey of a player from table to table. Made keeping in mind the tedious schedules of the game, the collection is specially designed to meet the requirements of a poker player in a very stylish and trendy manner.